If You Give A Mouse A Carpenter

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie was one of my kids' favorite books - and if you spend any amount of time with little people, you are probably familiar: For those not: a recap. Boy offers Mouse a snack. Mouse quickly spirals and takes over the boy’s life and home, one “tiny” request at... Continue Reading →


An important thing to know about me is that I did not choose our house. Our house chose us. One could say that the Universe is our real estate agent. Said Universe also has quite the sense of humor. My husband Paul and I are city kids. Ours is an outer-borough love story; in our... Continue Reading →


How many people can say that they live in their dream house, in their dream community? I happily can – even if said dream house happens to be a tiny bit broken. Well, not broken broken – just in need of love, vision, and an endless stream of “minor” repairs. Oh – and money. This... Continue Reading →

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