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My husband Paul and I are New York City kids. In 2016, we did a crazy thing: we uprooted our unsatisfying life in the city and moved to rural Ohio with our two kids. No jobs. No idea where we were going to settle. We just knew we were done with the city – and there had to be something better.

It was a bit of a leap.

A mere 3 weeks after we hit Midwestern ground, we moved in to our Victorian dream home, in the cutest darn town I’d ever seen. A town that hadn’t at all been on our radar.

I like to say that we did not choose our house – it chose us.

My love for this house is all consuming and a bit obsessive. It hasn’t been loved like this in a while – so I have some catching up to do. And my budget definitely doesn’t match my dreams.

This blog is all about my journey to restoring my pretty house to all of its glory, one little project at a time.


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