About Me


Old, pretty, and slightly broken describes:

  • my beloved 1881 Victorian home
  • the various bits of half-finished “projects” therein
  • the kinds of objects that make my hoarder heart skip a beat at local thrift stores
  • and me!

Home is truly where my heart is. I share a life of beautiful chaos in rural Northeast Ohio with my amazing husband of 14-years, Paul,  two curious, and cute school-aged sons, and “legion” of mouse-hunting, entitled, fuzzy kitty sisters. I am a New York City girl who is adapting (sometimes comically) to life in the country (cheers to my amazing neighbors, who have yet to draw alarm from my frequent critter-induced bloody-murder screeches!)

I am a fundraiser for cultural non-profits by day, and a fast and furious fund-spender by night (and weekends!). I am an avid and impatient crafter, Pintrest devotee, overly ambitious home dictator decorator, and Italian vegetarian chef. I get unreasonable joy from stalking my local thrift shops, driving around the sprawling the country side, buying local produce, covering things with chalk paint, and making long-forgotten ugly things pretty again.

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