A yArT Sale

In much the same way a mother never tires of people saying her child is adorable, I never tire of having strangers stop to compliment the beauty of the house and the obvious care that is taken to keep it so. For that reason, and a few others, Saturday’s debut yArT Sale (art sale in the front yard = yArT) was a damn good day.

The house has fans! Everyone who stopped by told me how beautiful the porch and garden are, and several said they pass by often and are always excited to see seasonal updates I’ve made. I am so touched that people get how much this house is loved. I had some truly wonderful conversations with neighbors that I have never met before.

Paul and I had a blast pulling an all-nighter to get everything ready the night/morning before – and I (for a change) say that with no sarcasm. We genuinely enjoyed each other’s (somewhat sleep deprived and punchy) company and working side by side to make beautiful things. I can’t imagine any other task that would compel me to entirely forgo sleep. But when I am in the zone with my art, silly little things like food and rest hold absolutely no appeal.

I think the favorite merchandise we created for the sale is a super cute pair of side tables made from discarded dresser drawers (picked up as part of my Burton Trash Day haul) and the bases from a set of wooden tray tables that I snagged @ 4 for $10. I just loved the hardware that was already on the drawers, made even more eye catching sprayed copper:





They did not sell and I am not-so-secretly thrilled to keep them because they are the perfect addition to the front porch:


The sale wasn’t especially financially successful. Yard sale devotees are typically looking for a steal, which a small shop artisan can’t sustainably offer. BUT. It was thrilling to make a big bundle of upcycled decor and furniture in a mad few days, try my hand at styling my very own pop up boutique, and watch people veer off the main road to ogle the things I created along with my recently refreshed front porch .

It was quite satisfying that what did sell my customers were madly in love with. Things I’ve made will now prettify other people’s homes, and that is very cool. One customer was so smitten with the pair of coral dining chairs on the porch (which were not part of the sale) that she asked if she could buy them. I happily sold them because, let’s face it, I live to have a valid reason to thrift and paint furniture, so off I go to find a replacement pair!


I realized something big in the prep for the sale: I am genuinely happy. I am the most content and inspired that I’ve been since before mom passed away almost 8 years ago. Because: I found my calling, my outlet, and my authentic passion. Despite stressful exterior life conditions, heck maybe because of them, I have found peace and magic. And it all seems to emanate like a pulse from deep within the house.

I’ve been bitten by the bugs of creativity and retail, and I suspect there will be much more of this in my future!

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