Thrifty Thursdays: The Mother Haul

As I mentioned previously, I scored: Big. Time. during Burton Garbage Day.

I promised a rundown of all the loot, and here it is!

  • 2 lovely sections of white picket fencing complete with finials (look for them in my upcoming spring front porch reveal!)
  • A gorgeous and very large paneled hardwood door  (which will someday be transformed into a new kitchen island)
  • The previously described infamous dresser
  • A picture window with a gorgeous chippy teal border
  • 8 extremely sturdy solid and large hardwood cabinet doors
  • This super cute hat rack with a tin tile center that I updated with red and gold paint, and decoupaged with vintage bird images (sorry – no before pic. I got way too excited and dove right in!):

hat rack

While someone logical may have started, say, one project with the new loot, I started ALL the projects and flattened no less than 4 rooms in my house in my wake of creative chaos. At this point, in addition to my craft room/office, which is pending its National State of Emergency declaration (FEMA will make it out eventually, right?!?), I’ve wrecked the basement (my “dirty” indoor craft room), the garage (my summer craft room), and the guest bedroom (my “sewing room” if I can ever get past my fear of my new sewing machine and related instruction manual reading).

Here is the “underway” project list:

  • Kitchen “command center” boards made with cabinet doors and Dollar Tree accessories to beautifully display cooking utensils, knives, spices, etc.
  • A shelf to hang on the leaded glass window that sits over the new farmhouse kitchen sideboard accented with the fence finials and painted in my new favorite green
  • Butterfly artwork painted on my salvaged picture window to hang on the porch
  • New porch curtains made from a fusion of old white curtains and new brightly colored fabric, outdoor cushions and chair pads for the kitchen
  • A revamp on our old golden oak kitchen table featuring a bleach/white wash technique that I plan to sell
  • Lanterns for the backyard made from Dollar Tree hanging baskets and thrifted glass (tutorial here)
  • Whitewashed flower pots with French garden image transfers, potted with lavender for teacher gifts
  • Several painted vintage-style signs made with salvaged cabinet doors (like this one) to sell at my upcoming yArT Sale*


*So what is a yArt Sale? I am too classy for a plain-old yard sale. My yArT sale will be a pop-up boutique of craftiness on my front lawn/porch that will happen during the Burton Antique Fair (which I conveniently live just up the road from). I’ll have some crafty friends joining me too, and at the end of the day we will dash down to said Fair just before closing (when the very best deals are to be had), recently made cash burning a hole in our pockets, to buy MORE STUFF. Brilliant,eh?

Stay tuned!

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