Thrifty Thursdays: Vintage Glassware

Greetings and welcome to the first Thrifty Thursday! The intention of these (hopefully!) weekly posts is:

  1. To inspire you to go treasure hunting in your own local thrift stores with a fresh set of eyes.
  2. To create a visual record of my hoarding tendencies so you all can intervene as appropriate.


Lately, I’ve become obsessed with vintage crystal glassware, candy bowls, sugar bowls, and anything with a big shiny finial on top. My favorite haunt for these items is my local Special Hands Shoppe, which is a thrift store that benefits the local disability council and provides job-readiness training to developmentally disabled teens and adults. Recently, the shop transitioned from consignment to exclusively donations, which has translated to some pretty spectacular deals for a great cause.  I’ve been picking up .10 and .25 cent glassware, and $1 – $2 lidded crystal bowls, raiding my stash of vases, and combining them into fancy-looking apothecary jars/ terrariums:

I love the dainty little .10 cent sherry glasses I picked up. I re purposed one as a candle holder, incorporating an equally inexpensive random bit of china:

Short taper candle holders are also on the top of my shopping list lately. Check out this pretty new cake stand I constructed by gluing a candlestick to this gorgeous plate:


E-6000 glue is your best buddy for these kinds of projects – simply clean your glass, apply the glue, position and let dry. The stuff is amazing!

I was also super excited to pick up a set of 6 of these lovelies for only .99. I’m not sure yet if they will become a tiered tray or a wall hanging, but they were too pretty to pass up!


Every object has a purpose with a little bit of creativity (and super glue)! Till next week, I send my love, kisses, and thrifty wishes!

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