Hippity Hoppity Happenings

My mother always told me to keep things simple.

Spoiler alert: I never listened.

Case in point. I offered to “help” with the Village Easter Egg Hunt shortly after we moved to town. Instead, last spring, I was asked to take it over by the sweet elderly couple who live two doors down, who’d been running the thing for going-on-40-Easters and desperately wanted to retire from the Bunny Business. No one else wanted it to touch it.

Logic said: say no! You have a job! And a fledgling consulting business! And children! And a needy Victorian! But whatever logic says, Alison is 99.98% likely to oppose.

Hence, I am in the Bunny Business. By default, Paul is also in the Bunny Business. Even the kitties are stuck living with the Bunny Business.

Elaine, seated in a sea of plastic eggs, judging me for my life in the Bunny Business

And yes – it IS like the mafia. Hardly anyone gets out alive.

Also, I am not Christian (pssst…don’t tell anyone in town!). So the spiritualist New Yorker is running the pastoral rural event that celebrates the symbolism of the things she does not believe in.

But…the eggs are really pagan fertility symbols. So, I am ACTUALLY secretly running a  pagan rite of spring and disguising it as a traditional Christian family event.

There. I feel better about that.

Anyway, this thing wasn’t exactly simple when I took it over. Nothing about pulling together sponsorship dollars to procure (and stuff and sort and distribute) enough brightly-colored treats and prizes to satisfy the sugary cravings of upwards of 500 children is simple. But it also wasn’t the 3-ring circus I have made it into.

Why stop at just an egg hunt? There should be crafts! And storytelling! And live bunnies!

Yes – I have made it all happen. Yes – it is wonderful. Yes – it is draining me of every last mental, emotional, and creative resource I have.

And this, dear readers, is why I have disappeared from the blogesphere of late. I have missed you. And I have missed thinking about things that do not involve plastic eggs. But in 6 days, it will happily be over (for this year, anyway).

But do not mourn for me, sweet friends! The Bunny Business has not made me forget about the crafty business! After all, the Egg Hunt lady must have the most festive spring decor of all! I decompressed (and burned the crap out of my hands) making this fun carrot and egg garland for the mantel:

I am proud to report that the carrots are  made out of newspaper (molded and taped into the shape of a carrot), wrapped in scrap fabric secured with hot glue! The plastic eggs are wrapped in twine, and it is all held together with more twine. A true rags to spring riches story!

Also, notice my cute golden bunny? He started off white with scary pink eyes at the ReStore. A quick spray paint blitz and is he just scary Glam!

And – my Egg Tree! A hand-me-down from my lovely boss who understands my crazy.

Wish me luck, friends! I’m hopping down the rabbit hole! With any luck, I’ll emerge like a tired, traumatized tulip next week!

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