Gone With the Wind Curtains: Part I

I am over the moon about the dramatic new green velvet Gone With the Wind style curtains Paul and I (finally) hung in the parlor this weekend.


I’ve been uncharacteristically patient about window treatments in my front room. I knew I wanted something achingly Victorian. Gorgeous, heavy fabric in a rich color. Like these….

So much fussy frillyness!

Its something I’ve been thinking about since we moved in two-and-a-half years ago. But trim to floor, the windows are 105 inches tall. Standard big-box store curtains are a major no-go. And curtain panels long enough for my windows online are typically crazy expensive. Even if I sewed (which I do not), covering the room’s 3 windows would take nearly 20 yards of heavy-duty home décor fabric, which runs at least $10 a yard, and typically much more. The math is ugly.   For a while, I had an inexpensive Ikea white curtain set on each window, mostly for privacy. The curtains were several inches short of the floor and brought nothing to the room. I took them down to wash them over the summer and couldn’t bear to put them back up. The parlor windows sat naked for 6 months. I spent that time patiently trolling the interwebs, looking for a cost-friendly solution. Once again, Ikea to the rescue!

Sanella velvet curtains are sold in 98-inch and 118-inch lengths in a variety of colors including a very GWtW green, and the 118 inch curtains are only $69 a pair!

SANELA Curtains, 1 pair IKEA The thick curtains darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.

You honestly couldn’t even buy the fabric for less. An unexpected, modest holiday bonus meant one thing: it was time to buy those curtains!

I’ll take a moment to gush about my love for Ikea. Their Marketplace is one of my happiest happy places. Sadly, while I had not 1 but 2 Ikeas within a 20-minute drive in New York, I currently live in an Ikea desert in Ohio. The closest stores are 2 hours away. Over Christmas break, though, I used my children as an excuse to take an Ikea excursion. We did a day trip to the truly awesome COSI (Center of Science and Industry) Museum in Columbus, which is a convenient hop, skip and jump from the newish Ikea Columbus. After wearing the boys out at the Museum and feeding them a satisfying Ikea dinner, they contentedly followed me around as I pranced through the Marketplace. All in all, a great day.

The curtains are certainly pretty on their own, but they still needed something. I briefly contemplated taking a foot of fabric off of each curtain panel to make coordinating cornice boxes like these for more visual interest:


But ultimately – I was too scared to take a scissor to my lovely and not exactly cheap new curtains. I seriously can’t cut in a straight line to save my freakin’ life. After some Pintresting, I decided what the curtains needed was: fringe! What’s more Victorian than fringe?

Look at all that fancy, fancy fringe!!

Once again, I planned a day trip around home décor shopping – this time taking the boys to see Aqua Man at a movie theater just across a shopping plaza from Hobby Lobby (full disclosure – I did not mind going to see Aqua Man. Mmmm. Anyway.) I found gorgeous fringe that picked up all the colors of my area rug:

The fringe of my Victorian dreams!

But I needed 20 yards of it, far more than what was in stock. Once again, I exercised uncharacteristic amounts of patience and special ordered it, which would take 2 weeks. This gave me time to contemplate curtain rods and tie backs and explain to Paul why I really, seriously, truly needed $50 worth of fringe.

GWtW fringe

Stay tuned for the curtain project reveal and tips on curtain hardware for less!

To be continued…


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