All You Need Is Love (and Glitter!)

I absolutely LOVE decorating for Valentine’s Day. My tradition, at a time of year when the world seems almost entirely black and grey and white, and after all the bright Christmas decorations have been stripped away, is to immediately hose down my house in pink and red glitter hearts and drape the word “LOVE” from every damn surface that will stand still. Just me? Or maybe just me channeling John Lennon and Liberace.

REGARDLESS — this year I won! I was the first house in the neighborhood decorated for the Day of Cupid. There is, sadly, no medal for this distinction. Ever still. I share with you, my Valentine’s decor. And also, a few tips for keeping decor fresh and bright in your home on a budget amidst the long, dreary winter.




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On the topic of home love: who’s watching “Tidying Up” on Netflix? I’m a little obsessed. How freakin’ cute is Marie Kondo? Now… I am not throwing out my Walmart-run purple sweatpants because they don’t “spark joy.”  And honestly – maybe they do! BUT. I adore the notion of honoring the home and appreciating the beauty of the objects within it. For me, this means keeping my home’s accessories in a constant state of creative flux, and honoring the pretty objects by rediscovering and reusing them. As in: shop your house!

My Valentine’s dining room tablescape is sporting my grandmother’s pink depression-glass cake stand:


Because: I don’t bake! But why should this pretty piece stay locked away in the china cabinet?

I am the queen of thrifted tchotchkes. I squirrel away all the pretty objects as I find them (on deep discount) throughout the year and keep them circulating ’round the house like the damn crosstown bus.


I have recently discovered the joy of playing with height by re-purposing glasses, bowls, candle holders, and more to layer with seasonal treasures.

Valentine's Buffet Centerpiece
Gold spray painted terra cotta pot layered with a pretty green glass bowl for height and color.

I was so excited to find these heart lights on Christmas clearance sale:

Pretty heart lights from Ikea!

Never overlook those seasonal sales! Think outside the intended occasion.  This week’s find was extra large green velvet-covered spheres (intended to be Christmas ornaments) at Hobby Lobby 90% off. You’ll see those soon in my St. Patrick’s Day mantel as topiaries.

The important thing is to take the time to play. Mix, match, thrift, pair with Dollar Tree-shiny-things, and experiment!  Like the heart itself, your home should be a living, pulsing, changing thing, no matter its age or your budget.

I heart you, my readers. Go show your home some love this Valentine’s season!

Next to come, in the spirit of the “Season of Love”…my new Scarlet O’Hara drapes and my tips for outfitting your windows for less – stay tuned!

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